First episode rapid early intervention for eating disorders: A two‐year follow‐up.

Fukutomi, A., Austin, A., McClelland, J., Brown, A., Glennon, D., Mountford, V., Grant, N., Allen, K., & Schmidt, U. (2020)

Early Intervention in Psychiatry, 14(1), 137-141.


Aim: We describe 2‐year outcomes of a novel first episode
early intervention service for young adults with a recent onset eating
disorder (FREED). Outcomes in FREED patients with anorexia nervosa (AN)
were compared with those from patients previously seen in our service
[treatment as usual (TAU) cohort], matched for age, illness duration and
diagnosis. Methods: Electronic case records of FREED‐AN (n = 22) and
TAU‐AN patients (n = 35) were examined to identify service utilisation
and clinical outcomes over 24 months. Results: Outpatient service utilisation was similar in both
groups, but FREED‐AN patients needed intensive (in‐ or day‐patient)
treatment less frequently than TAU‐AN (23% vs 32%). FREED‐AN patients
had a higher estimated mean body mass index [19.2 kg/m2; 95% CI (18.21, 20.16)] than TAU patients [18.0 kg/m2; 95% CI (16.90, 19.15)] at last contact. Conclusion: Introduction of FREED led to a more complete recovery in patients with AN at 24 month.

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