The Black Country All Age Eating Disorder Service launched FREED!

The All Age Eating Disorder Service within the Black Country Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust launched FREED on 12th January 2021 with a virtual tea party and a playlist of songs about the importance of being optimistic. A soundtrack that certainly captured the mood and attitude of the team.

They expressed their enthusiasm about what is for them a “smart” way of working that provides better care, with the FREED team sharing that they were both energised and inspired by the resources that will allow them to work in a more creative and impactful way. With our increased screen time, the social media resources were for them particularly relevant.

The team acknowledged the challenges of launching a new service initiative in ever increasing times of uncertainty and restrictions, but they all shared their excitement about joining the FREED network and commitment to providing early intervention at a time when it is most needed.

More information about the Black Country All Age Eating Disorder Service can be found at

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