FREED Launches in Kent & Medway!

The Kent & Medway All-Age Eating Disorder Service is excited to announce the launch of FREED in March 2022. FREED will be available to adults aged 18-25 who have a first episode, early onset eating disorder. They will be expanding FREED to include 16 -17 year olds in the near future.

To mark the special event, Kent and Medway FREED held both an in-person and virtual celebration within the all age eating disorder service team so that everyone could be involved in honouring the implementation of the FREED pathway for young adults within the whole of Kent and Medway. The team even had a special “FREED” cake as part of the launch celebration (handily pictured above)!

The Kent and Medway team reflected on how FREED represents their core values: putting people first, prioritising quality, and being progressive, innovative and continually improving. The expanding team, shared their enthusiasm and optimism about being part of the FREED network, of collaborating with colleagues from other services, and of offering an early intervention service to improve the outcomes for young people with early onset eating disorders.

The Kent and Medway FREED team look forward to having a more formal launch once they open up FREED to the full age range of young people (16-25).

More information about the K&M AAEDS and the FREED pathway can be found at:

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